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Presenting a most exciting musical directed by:
Miriam Handler

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At the newly renovated 
Master Theatre
(formerly Millenium)
1029 Brighton Beach Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11234

For further information please call : 718-506-9900

That's My Nanny


A large number of teens in our community are forced to leave their homes because of neglect, abuse, or values that conflict. Whatever the cause, these youth, our daughters; our sisters; take to the streets where they are welcomed by a very destructive culture.

Rachel’s Place is the first and only state certified residential program of its kind to serve the needs of homeless girls (ages 16-21) in our communities. This program helps them gain the  skills and the courage to make necessary changes so that they become a source of nachas to themselves and the community.


From the producers of three consecutive hit shows Barons and Bankers, Song of the Hills and English to a T comes a most exciting play that will delight all audiences. You will be transported into a world of music, song, fun and magic as never before. Truly an evening of great entertainment.